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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your store hours?

Our hours are listed under the "Locations" tab.  Give us a call to learn more.

Where are you located?

Castle Hayne, NC, location:  We are located at 4530 Castle Hayne Rd.  This is one mile north of the GE plant on Castle Hayne Rd.

Pittsboro, NC, location:  We are located at 193 Lowes Drive, Suite 110, in Pittsboro, NC.  This is to the right of the Lowe's Home Improvement store and in the same shopping center as Compadres Tequila Lounge.

Do you service gas appliances?

Unfortunately, we do not service appliances; however, our friends at Carolina Fireplace are prepared to meet any gas appliance needs our Castle Hayne customers might have.  Contact them for more details!

Carolina Fireplace: 910-392-6305

Visit for more information!

What are tank fees?

Tank fees are tank rental fees that apply to leased propane tanks. They are on a yearly basis with the year beginning June 1 and ending May 31.  They apply only if you are leasing your tanks from us.

What is "duty to warn"?

If you run out of gas, we have a duty to warn you of potential dangers involved. Customers who are out of gas must have a gas pressure test to check for leaks. This is the law! The leak test must be performed by a qualified technician and documented. It is in your best interest not to run out of gas completely as the gas check required will cost about $90 to perform and you have to be home during the test.

What should I know about my regulator?

Two-stage manual regulator for use with low pressure systems are very reliable, but if you have a 2-tank setup your pilot goes out when one tank is empty. If you don't mind relighting your pilot then stick with this regulator.


Single stage regulators are no longer allowed to be used on installs other than BBQ's in New Hanover County. If your regulator looks like this then you should consider changing it out to a two-stage manual or auto regulator.


Automatic regulator for use with 2-tank setup only; will show red when one tank goes empty - check once a week during heating season so you will not run out. Highly recommended for range or dryer use so your appliance will go uninterrupted when service tank goes empty allowing change over to reserve tank.


Operation Of Auto Regulator:


  • The arrow on the changeover regulator indicates the service cylinder. The cylinder on the opposite side of the arrow is the reserve. The gas indicator is green or clear when both cylinders have gas.
  • Gas is withdrawn from the service cylinder until the pressure drops to about 11.5 PSI. At this pressure the change-over valve automatically opens the inlet valve on the reverse side. It is ESSENTIAL that both cylinders are kept open to ensure correct functioning of the system.
  • When the change-over occurs, the indicator changes from green to red. This indicates that the original service cylinder is empty and is ready to be replaced.
  • Call Strick's L.P. Gas for a replacement cylinder. We will manually rotate arrow to point to "reserve cylinder" and replace the empty cylinder with a full one.
  • The new full cylinder now becomes the reserve.

What areas do you service?

Strick's LP Gas in Castle Hayne, NC, delivers propane to the greater Wilmington, NC, area and spans 3 counties including New Hanover, Brunswick, and Pender. We serve Wilmington, Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Murrayville, Ogden, Porter's Neck, Leland, Winnabow, Rocky Point, Hampstead and more! If your location is not listed give us a call and we may still be able to help you!

Strick's LP Gas in Pittsboro, NC, delivers propane to the greater Chatham County area.

What must I know about my tank before I have it filled?

​All tanks up to a 40# must be fitted with an OPD valve in order to be filled.


O.P.D. valves prevent overfilling propane tanks with a float system. 













  • Tanks must have a valid date to be filled. Tanks are typically good for 12 years (the exception is if the date ends with an "E," in which they are good for 5 years). The date can be found on the collar of the tank, unless it is a 22 gallon tank with no collar. In this case it will be imprinted on the tank typically within 6" of the valve. The date is given in the format MM-YY.
  • We also may not be able to fill a tank because it is deemed as a serious safety concern. The presence of pitted rust or a foot ring which is not sturdy are two examples of serious concern.
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