Propane Products & Accessories

Along with Strick's superior customer & propane service; we also carry a line of high-quality propane products. Our line of grills and cookers are some of the best in the industry. Below are Strick's products we have available.

If you have any questions about what models we have in stock and pricing, give us a call and one of our friendly sales staff will be glad to help you out.


Need an extra bit of warmth on a chilly winter evening?  A space heater can be the perfect companion to keep you warm.  No more layering blankets!  The warm radiant heat of a propane space heater can make all the difference!



In 2002 Enerco introduced a line of “HeatStar by Enerco” portable heaters for the construction industry. For personal comfort and material curing at the job site, nothing beats HeatStar’s forced air kerosene, forced air propane, radiant propane, and indirect kerosene / diesel heaters. With heating capacities from 25,000 to 700,000 BTU’s per hour, this line quickly earned its own reputation in the construction, drywall, painting, concrete, and restoration trades. 

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Cookers & Fryers

Whether you're looking to smoke up some meat on your next camping trip or fry the turkey this Thanksgiving, our propane cooking devices will provide the quality you need to serve it up right.

Bayou Classic

Bayou Classic is all about outdoor cooking and they have some of the best cookware around. Whether you're cooking up some freshly caught shrimp or just frying a chicken from the super market, you can count on a flavorful meal with one of their frying products.


Traditional cookers who prefer frying outdoors with propane will enjoy the Masterbuilt Propane Cookers. Masterbuilt combines the consistent heat of propane with their renowned simple, yet durable construction that makes outdoor cooking successful and fun. With their patented electronic auto shut-off timer, a standard on Masterbuilt Propane Cookers, safety and cooking always go hand-in- hand.

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You don't need to spend a fortune to get great-tasting burgers, steaks, and chicken at your next barbecue. Nor do you need to sacrifice style. We even carry locally made propane grills. Let your summer cookouts be the talk of the neighborhood with a propane-powered gas grill.

Wilmington Grill

Locally-made high quality grills. Built for a lifetime of grilling, made from stainless steel.  These grills have great performance and reliability, each coming with a guaranteed 7-year manufacturer's warranty.

TailG8R Grill

The TailG8R is a one of a kind grill that caters to hardcore tailgating fans as well as conventional backyard grillers.  With it's unique welded tailgate hitch and adjustable base you can be on the road with your grill in a few easy steps.  Just attach the grill to your trailer hitch, lift the legs and lock them in place, and secure the top of the grill before hitting the road on gameday.  Strick's LP Gas has an exclusive partnership with the manufacturer to offer you the best prices.  Come check one out at our showroom today.  

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We carry any accessory you may need to keep your existing propane equipment running beautifully. If you're not sure what you need, one our knowledgable sales staff can help you figure out what we can provide you with to keep your systems in tip top shape. 

Find anything you need to keep your equipment in perfect working condition. We carry:


  • Brass fittings


  • Gas piping


  • Regulators


  • Adapter hoses


  • Connectors


  • And more!